Best Gift Ever with Coca-Cola, Associated Grocers, Affiliated Stores, WAFB & iHeartMedia


Coca-Cola’s Best Gift Ever, holiday campaign is here! Associated Grocers, affiliated stores, WAFB-TV and iHeartMedia, Coca-Cola welcomes you to join in this holiday season.

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BackPack Program to Re-Launch this November


The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank’s BackPack program is set to resume this month after the program was paused due to the August floods. Low-income children are often at risk of missing meals over the weekend or during holidays when they are not in school and cannot receive free or reduced price lunches through the National […]

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Stories from the Flood: Darren

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Darren and his family relocated to Baton Rouge from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home. He thought Baton Rouge was a place they could start anew, free from the threat of similar disaster. He never dreamed he’d suffer total loss again. But when the floods came through Southern Louisiana, that’s exactly what happened. […]

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Stories From the Flood: Denise and Maria

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I wouldn’t wish what happened to us on my worst enemy. When the floods came to Baton Rouge, me and my neighbor, Maria were at home with our children. Maria has three and I have two. I’ll never forget the urgent calls to evacuate and the boats coming to our rescue. It was terrifying. I […]

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Trevor’s Wish 2016 | Hunger Action Month

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BACKGROUND & MISSION When he was just 5 years old, Trevor Sims was diagnosed with cancer and at the young age of 10, he was told the cancer was terminal. Knowing that his time here was limited, Trevor made a wish that would impact and inspire an entire community. Trevor’s Wish to feed the hungry has continued four years later. […]

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Progress at the Fraenkel Center

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When the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank’s facility received 4 feet of water from the August flooding, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Once we were finally able to get into the warehouse, the sight of all the damage to our warehouse, offices and equipment was devastating. Marks were on the […]

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Neighborhood Distributions Make a Difference

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As soon as we were able, the Food Bank moved from our flooded facility to a temporary location so we could distribute food into the community as soon as possible.

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Stories From the Flood: Donna

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Before the flood, Donna had participated in fundraisers and food drives for the Food Bank. At age 60, Donna never thought she’d find herself in a position of need. She said, “I’ve always been blessed to bless other people.” When her daughter lost everything to the flood, she opened her doors to her and her 17-month-old […]

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Stories from the Flood: Ashley and Brandon


When recent flooding hit Southern Louisiana, life-long residents of Baton Rouge, Ashley and Brandon lost everything they had. With seven children between the ages of 10 months and 10 years old, their lives were drastically impacted. On Friday, August 15, Ashley was running errands and preparing to send her children back to school on Monday. […]

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Flood Update


Like many in our community, the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank has been affected by the recent flooding in Southern Louisiana. After receiving 4 feet of water throughout our 170,000 square-foot facility, we relocated to two temporary warehouses. Recently, we received the “all clear” for warehouse operations to return to our facility at the Fraenkel Center […]

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