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Each year, the United States throws away one-third of all the food it produces, which is around 133 billion pounds.

Grocery stores are responsible for tossing 10% of that food mostly due to strict regulations regarding Best Use By dates, which means the products are no longer shelf worthy but still have nutritious value.

The Retail Store Donation Program gives the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank the opportunity to rescue the food that would otherwise be thrown away and give it to the community. We partner up with grocery stores throughout the 11 parishes we serve, and with the help of their managers and receiving teams, we save quality products such as meat, produce, bakery, dairy, and dry goods that make up well-balanced meals for our agencies to distribute to our clients.

As a result of this program, the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank was able to rescue over 5.4 million pounds of food for our community in 2022.

Grocers who would like to donate should call Kendall Boulton, Procurement Coordinator, at (225) 359-9940 ext. 536 or email to discuss setting up a partnership. Our team will meet with your store management team to explain the value of donating and best donation practices. Pickups will be scheduled 2-3 times a week depending on volume and needs of the store. Less consistent donations can be arranged on a “will-call” basis with pickups occurring within 48 hours.

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