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About Us:

  • What is a Food Bank?

    The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank is a nonprofit organization that solicits, procures, inventories, and warehouses donated food and other products. This food is then distributed to a variety of community agencies such as pantries, meal sites, homes, shelters, and soup kitchens that serve the people in need.

    Where is the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank? → The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank is located at 10600 S. Choctaw Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70815.

  • What is the mailing address for the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank?

    P.O. Box 45830 Baton Rouge, LA 70895-4830.

  • What are the hours of food bank?

    Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
    Friday 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    Saturday 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM for volunteer opportunities only

    Closed Sunday

  • What is Feeding America?

    Feeding America, formerly known as America’s Second Harvest, is a network of food banks across the United States. The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank is a member of Feeding America and follows its rules and regulations.

  • What is a service area?

    A service area is a geographical region to which a food bank provides food. In the case of the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, our service area is 11 parishes (or counties). Your donations go directly to support those facing hunger in this service area.

  • What is a member agency?

    Member agencies are the links between the Food Bank and individuals who are food insecure. A food bank serves as a collection, warehouse, and distribution center. We procure, purchase, sort, and distribute the food to our agencies (churches, meal sites, soup kitchens, shelters, group homes, emergency services, etc.). Agencies interact directly with those in need to ensure they receive the necessary support.

  • How does an organization become a member agency?

    To become a member agency, an organization must be a nonprofit with an established meal or distribution program. All applicable member agencies must fill out a Member Agency application and be approved by the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank’s Board of Directors.

  • What is the Food Bank’s service area?

    The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank services 11 parishes in Louisiana: Ascension, Assumption, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Livingston, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, St. James, West Baton Rouge, and West Feliciana.

How to receive assistance:

How to get involved:

Volunteer Information:

  • How do I volunteer?

    You can register online to volunteer here. Additionally, you can contact our volunteer department at (225) 359-9940 or

  • Do I need to register in advance to volunteer?

    Yes. Please click here to register.

  • How do I create a team?

    Instructions are listed below for creating a volunteer team. You can also watch the video here for a walk-through instructional video.

    Step 1: The team captain must create a profile. Log into your account. 

    Step 2: Hover the mouse over “Volunteers”, then hover over “My Account” and click on “My Teams.” 

    Step 3: Click “Create New Team” 

    Step 4: The Team Captain will complete fields for basic team information and fill in team member names, email addresses, telephone numbers, and ages. Click “Create Team” after entering all the information. 

    Step 5: Inform each team member that they must sign a waiver if they did not create their own account. The waiver can be found here: Volunteer Waiver – Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank ( We no longer accept paper waivers. Please do not print the waiver.

  • After my team has been created, how do I sign up as a group?

    Step 1: Team Captain must log into their account.

    Step 2: Visit the Opportunity Calendar and confirm there are spots remaining to accommodate the entire team before attempting to sign up.

    Step 3: Click on the opportunity and then click “Sign up with a Team”

    Step 4: The list of team members will load. Click on each person that will be volunteering for the shift selected. Be sure to keep the Team Captain checked even though the person may not be attending or assign another Team Captain before signing up for the shift. 

    Step 5: Remind team members to complete the waiver prior to the shift.

    Watch Video on Volunteer Group Registration

  • How do I change the team participants for group registrations?

    How to change Team Participants for group registrations:

    Step 1: Team Captain must log into their account.

    Step 2: Locate the Upcoming Opportunity.

    Step 3: Click on “Participants.”

    Step 4: To add participants, click the box next to the team member’s name. To remove the team member from the opportunity, unclick the box next to the team member’s name.

  • How do I remove myself from a volunteer opportunity?

    Step 1: Log into your account

    Step 2: Locate the Upcoming Shift you are removing your registration

    Step 3: Click on “Remove Me”

  • What do volunteers do at the Food Bank?

    Volunteers can help with many different tasks, including sorting donated food items, working in the warehouse, assisting with administrative efforts, and more. Visit our volunteer page for more information.

  • What should I wear to volunteer?

    Closed-toe shoes are MANDATORY, preferably sneakers. Loose, comfortable clothing is also suggested (our warehouse is not climate controlled; therefore, be mindful of the weather conditions).

  • Is there an age limit on who can volunteer?

    All youth volunteers must return a completed and signed volunteer waiver form prior to their first volunteer shift. A waiver form should be updated by the parent/guardian once per year.

    Warehouse Activities: minimum age for volunteers is 14 years old or 10-13 years old may volunteer if accompanied by an adult age 18 or older.

    Mobile Distributions: the minimum age for volunteers is 18 years old.

    Children younger than 10 years old are allowed to volunteer in the warehouse on Family Night. With special permission and appropriate chaperones, children younger than 10 are permitted to tour the warehouse or assist with certain off-site special events/projects such as gleanings, food collections, etc.

    Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (225) 359-9940 or for more information.

  • Can I volunteer for court-ordered and pre-trial/diversion community service hours?

    All court-ordered volunteers must submit their driver’s license and a document with the court order stated on the document. They can email these documents to, and the Volunteer Coordinator will process their request. Be sure to bring court papers and your ID to your volunteer shift.

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