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Increasing Information Accessibility

Tuesday February 22, 2022

According to the United State Census Bureau, 8.3% of the people in West Feliciana Parish and as many as 20.2% of the people in Pointe Coupee Parish ages 65 or younger live with a disability. Little information is available in accessible formats, and many communication needs of people with disabilities are left unmet. 

The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank wants to provide accessibility to everyone. As part of our efforts to make information accessible to all, we have added the Recite Me tool on our website. We want to make sure that every user gets the most out of during their visit. 

Recite Me is an innovative accessibility and language toolbar to make the information on our website easily available and inclusive to allow users to customize our website in the way they need it to work for them and includes text to speech functionality, Dyslexia tools, interactive dictionary, and translations in more than 100 languages.

The concept of accessibility not only applies to people with disabilities, but to all users who have different needs at times and circumstances. The ability to use a service could be affected by their health, location, or equipment. Having Recite Me means that anyone, anywhere can use it when they need it the most.

The Recite Me tool goes beyond Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act’s Website Accessibility Best Practices by providing people with disabilities a toolbar they can use from any computer or device to better explore our website. 

To access the Recite Me toolbar on, click the blue person icon in the top left corner of the homepage. This will engage the Recite Me toolbar which has a range of options for customizing how the website looks and how to access content. 

Guide to Using Recite Me

Screen Reader

  • All content read aloud in a natural voice
  • 35 different language options
  • Speed controls and Word by Word highlighting for total customization
  • MP3 download to listen to content offline


  • Text and color
  • Website background color
  • Text font type, including Open-Dyslexic
  • Text only more to eliminating all styling, much like a Word document


  • Ruler to read line by line
  • Reading Mask to eliminate distraction
  • Magnifier to zoom in too sections of text
  • Fully integrated dictionary and thesaurus on site
  • Margins to reposition text in text-only


  • Recite Me quickly and easily translates on demand all your web content into over 100 languages, including 35 text to speech voices.

Learn more about Recite Me at or visit the user guide here

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