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Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief

Thursday September 20, 2018

The storm previously called Hurricane Florence has been downgraded to a tropical depression, yet it continues to wreak havoc across the Southeast. Food banks and state associations in the Carolinas and surrounding states are working hard to provide food, water and supplies to people affected by the storm. Several food banks have been threatened or affected, and secondary flooding from rivers is expected to continue as the week goes on, so we may find that other food banks also experience substantial impact in their communities.

At the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, we are prepared and waiting for the storm to subside. Currently, we have enough emergency supplies, disaster supply meal kits and bottled water to fill up four tractor trailers.

Help the Relief

  • Donate funds: Monetary donations are the most efficient, cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to help people affected by disaster. Your donation helps put experienced disaster responders on the ground and gives them the tools they need to help survivors recover. A monetary donation, especially after a disaster, can be directly transferred to food banks in the Carolinas, allowing these organizations to purchase food, water, medicine and equipment from secure supply chains. Funds also allows food banks to buy material locally, which can rebuild the local economy after the storm.
  • Purchase a Cajun Navy tee from SFT: In 2016, SFT created a Cajun Navy tee to support the brave men and women who rescued victims of the August 2016 flood, donating $50K to the Food Bank. In 2017, SFT donated $24K to the Houston Food Bank after the re-launching this fundraiser during Hurricane Harvey. In 2018, they’re here to help the Carolinas. For each Cajun Navy shirt sold this month, SFT will donate all proceeds to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank who is currently preparing relief efforts for the Carolinas.
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