We Appreciate You! Together We’re Fighting Hunger

We recognize that volunteers play a vital role in our mission to feed the hungry. We know that without the help of our incredible volunteers, we could not fulfill that mission! Learn more below about what you need to know before scheduling your volunteer opportunity. 

Steps to Schedule

All volunteers must schedule their volunteer experience and complete their volunteer waiver in advance by utilizing our online scheduling program on our website. ALL volunteers must have signed the electronic waiver form prior to volunteering. Children under 18 must have the waiver signed electronically by a parent or guardian. 

Step 1: Create a volunteer profile here

Step 2: Sign the electronic waiver here.

Step 3: Review the calendar for volunteer opportunities and sign up here

Parking & Check-In

The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank is located at 10600 S. Choctaw Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70815. The Food Bank is located in the old Fraenkel Furniture and Mattress Warehouse. You will enter the building Monday through Friday through our front entrance on the W. Dual Street side of the building. The red Volunteer door in the back near the loading dock is for Saturdays only. You may double park. Please give the receptionist your vehicle description when you enter. Please refrain from parking in any of the Merck building parking lots. Upon arriving to volunteer, volunteers are required to check in on the laptop or sign-in sheet for their volunteer shift. Volunteers will create a name tag at this time.

Dress Code

Closed-toe shoes are required, and volunteers should dress casually and comfortably. Volunteer work sometimes gets messy! Aprons are provided in the warehouse. If you prefer to wear work gloves, please bring them with you. Volunteers are reminded that the warehouse is not climate controlled and should dress appropriately for the weather conditions.


Do You Need Documentation of Hours?

Volunteers who need documentation of hours for school requirements are responsible for maintaining a record of their volunteer hours. Generic service hours letters are offered to those who need them. Please give the Volunteer Relations Manager notice of your documentation letter prior to beginning your shift. You may also print your volunteer history from your online profile. Volunteers are required to check in for each shift in order for hours to be verified. 

Court-Appointed Community Service (CACS)

The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank will accept adult volunteers (18 years old and up) performing court-ordered or lawyer-recommended community service. Volunteers who are performing this type of community service must disclose the nature of their conviction to the Volunteer Relations Manager. The Food Bank will not accept volunteers who have been convicted of drug offenses, theft, violent crimes, crimes of a sexual nature, or cruelty to juveniles and animals.

Volunteers with this program may only volunteer in the Food Bank warehouse on weekdays and on Saturdays with approval from the Volunteer Relations Manager. The Food Bank reserves the right to decline any volunteer or to limit which days or hours a volunteer can work. Court-ordered individuals are expected to use the Volunteer Sign-In computer to capture all hours. All court-ordered volunteers must submit their driver’s license and a document with the court order stated on the document. They can email these documents to volunteers@brfoodbank.org and the Volunteer Relations Manager will process their request.

Volunteer Groups 

We welcome volunteer teams and offer the option to create a volunteer team through your account for easier sign-up. We offer the use of our board room to any group that volunteers for a minimum of 2 hours that day. To create a volunteer team through your account, please view the video below. 

Additional Info

What to Know Before You Go

Watch our Volunteer Training Video here.

Download our Volunteer Guidelines

Volunteer FAQs

For more information on our volunteer program, please visit the Volunteer FAQs page.

Volunteer Handbook

Our Volunteer Handbook includes all the details about the volunteer program at the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. It can be viewed and downloaded here.

For questions about volunteer opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Relations Manager by calling (225) 359-9940 or by email at volunteers@brfoodbank.org.