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Warehouse Office Expansion Sets Stage for Growth to Food Programs

Friday September 15, 2023

This summer the Food Bank underwent some major changes to its office space. The office was recently expanded to allow for the growth of departments and create opportunities for additions to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank staff. The expansion included the addition of 12 cubicles, two offices, and a conference room. This new office space houses employees that make up the operations team.

Our operations team is made up of many moving pieces. Many people work in the warehouse and on the transportation team to take in, move, and distribute the food that comes through the Food Bank. These employees work in conjunction with other operations departments to ensure that the Food Bank runs smoothly.

While the expansion creates an opportunity for growth in every department, it especially allows our procurement, nutrition, and agency relations departments to expand.

Those working in our procurement department focus on bringing food into the Food Bank. These employees purchase wholesale food, assist with organizing food drives, and create and maintain relationships with retailers and manufacturers to donate their extra food in our area.

Our agencies are the link between the Food Bank and those in the community that we serve. Employees in the agency relations department work with our agencies to create strong relationships and provide support.

In addition to our agencies, the Food Bank has programs for distribution. These programs range from distributing food to seniors to distributing food to school-aged children who are at risk of missing meals when they are out of school.

The nutrition department has employees that aid individuals in filling out Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) applications as well as employees that focus on outreach programs such as Pick a better snack and Pick It! Try It! Like It!TM . These programs are meant to introduce and familiarize individuals with food that the Food Bank distributes as well as educate them on food and nutrition.

All these departments work closely together to ensure that operations at the Food Bank run smoothly and get food into the hands of the people that need it. Expanding the office space of the Food Bank allows for more employees, which in turn enables the Food Bank to reach more people in need across our 11-parish service area.

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