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Hunters for the Hungry

Hunters for the Hungry encourages hunters and fishermen to enjoy the plentiful wild game in Louisiana and give back by sharing frozen fish and game with the hungry through their “freshly harvested game” program. Donate a whole freshly harvested deer (you keep the backstrap and tenderloin) at no cost to you. Hunters for the Hungry enlist the help of processor’s, who prepare the game taken by hunters to be donated to the needy.

The organization also hosts, “Clean Out Your Freezer Day” held in September. Sportsmen are encouraged to clean out their freezer before the upcoming hunting seasons and donate the frozen game left from the previous year’s season. Even frozen items that are non-hunting related are acceptable as donations.

Fifteen years since its inception, Hunters for the Hungry Baton Rouge in effort with Monroe, have added dedicated volunteers in Alexandria, Lafayette, New Orleans, Shreveport, Natchez, Mississippi, and Houston, Texas. These volunteers collect game and fish to help nourish families in their own communities.


Many farmers around the U.S. are now teaming up with their local food banks in the fight against hunger. Millions of pounds of produce are thrown away each year because either the machines missed them during harvest or simply because they aren’t “pretty” enough to go on the shelves of grocery stores.

Volunteers get the opportunity to experience working on local farms while helping families in need at the same time. Gleaned produce is picked up at the farm, taken back to the Food Bank then delivered to a member agency to be distributed.

How it Works:
  • Gleans take place weekdays and weekends
  • June – December. Maximum 3 hour commitment
  • The Food Bank provides training, tools, water and snacks – all you need is transportation to the farm.
  • Ages 7 + are welcome with a guardian
  • Gleans are not pre-scheduled, we’ll alert you when a farm is ready.

Farm to Food Bank

5 Ways to Donate
  1. Farm Pick-ups: Donate excess produce to the Food Bank or one of our partner agencies near you, or drop-off at our warehouse in Baton Rouge, LA
  2. Glean: We can bring a group of volunteers to glean your fields after you have harvested.
  3. Cost Recovery Program: Sell your produce excess and seconds to the Food Bank through our cost-recovery program.
  4. Plant a Row: Plant and harvest designated fields specifically to donate to the Food Bank.
  5. Farmers’ Market Connection Program: Donate directly to one of our member agencies at your farmer’s market each week. If you have excess at the end of your market day, we can arrange to have a member agency pick it up

The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank loves to support our local farms. If owners are interested in getting involved with this program, please call us at at (225) 359-9940 or

Restaurant Donations

Through Louisiana’s first prepared and perishable food rescue program (PPFRP), restaurants, caterers and other food preparers have a chance to feed the hungry by doing what they do best – serve good food! This component of the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank rescues prepared and perishable food and distributes it to area shelters, group homes and meal sites. This in turn provide food to our area’s needy.

If you would like to be involved in this program, please call us at at (225) 359-9940 or

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