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Army Service to Serving through the Food Bank

Thursday November 11, 2021

Having compassion for people is what drives Cedric Dixon to serve, which he hopes to inspire in others. 

Dixon began working at the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank in 2019. However, his passion for helping others began when he enlisted in the United States Army in 1984. Dixon’s family tradition of military service dates to when his great-grandfather served during World War II thus making Dixon a fourth generation veteran. Dixon said joining the military is something he has always wanted to do.

Dixon served for 21 years while facing three national conflicts. He wanted to help people in other countries who do not have the same freedoms that we have in the United States.

Once discharged from the military, the only three things were on Dixon’s agenda: raising his children, going back to school, and tackling the world.

“It’s all about the education,” Dixon said.

Moving back to Louisiana in 2011, he was able to complete his MBA at Southern University. Dixon continues to serve as deacon at Shady Grove 1st Missionary Baptist Church. Moreover, he continues to watch his children grow, who each now serve in the United States military.

Through the church, Dixon said he was led to the Food Bank. Currently having two roles as warehouse manager and order processor manager, Dixon still helps others. He has contributed to the success of the Food Bank’s operations and staff development. Dixon says we are in the business of giving, and anytime we can do something for somebody is a win.

He is inspired by the actions others do once they hear his track record. Here at the Food Bank, others are inspired by his ability to always lend a helping hand.

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much money I got, doesn’t matter how many things I own,” Dixon said. “If we lack compassion and love for each other, then we will not succeed.”

The American flag Cedric Dixon is pictured with is from when he was deployed to Afghanistan.

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