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18 Million Employees Work for Companies with Matching Gift Programs

Friday May 27, 2022

At the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, every dollar counts. Corporate employee matching gifts offer the opportunity to turn one dollar by a match-eligible employee into two, three, four, or even five dollars. Our new Double Your Donation feature on the Food Bank website provides a convenient way for you to find out if your company may match your donation.

Here’s how it works:

Employee matching gift programs are a type of corporate philanthropy set up to encourage employees to give back to their communities. These companies encourage community outreach by making donations to the same nonprofits that their employees are supporting via personal donations.

These programs have become quite widespread, but many donors have not heard of them, or they are not aware of their own match-eligibility. The impact of these match programs can be substantial. Did you know that more than 18 million employees work for companies with matching gift programs? You might be one of them!

You can help us feed the hungry in the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank area by searching for your own match-eligibility. Immediately assess your eligibility and gain access to detailed information about your employer’s corporate giving program by searching Double the Donation’s database of companies with matching gift programs.

Double the Donation is our partner in providing you with as many of the following as possible:

  • Up-to-date, company specific program guidelines
  • Links to the online matching gift request forms or downloadable PDFs offered by your employer
  • Our contact information (Tax ID, address, fundraising contact), which you may need for your matching gift request

If your company is not listed, make sure to check with your company’s HR department. It’s possible that your employer offers matching gifts. If they do not, you can inquire with your HR department about submitting a form to become an active participant in the program.

We wish we could submit the required form for you, but unfortunately the employees must submit that matching gift request to their employer directly. We appreciate you taking a few minutes to double your donation.

If you have questions about Double Your Donation or matching gifts at the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, please reach out to Brian W. Hightower, Chief Development Officer & General Counsel at (225) 359-9940 or

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