Without the help of our community, the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank’s mission of feeding the hungry would not have been upheld once the COVID-19 pandemic struck our organization. To continue serving those in need during the pandemic, we will continue to need the community’s help. Here is how you can help:

We operate as a three-legged stool: funds, time and food. Without one of these legs, we would not be able to function.

Give Funds

Just $1 can provide up to 3 meals. The Food Bank has the ability to purchase products in bulk at low costs which allows a single donated dollar to go much further than the average dollar. Click here to make a secure monetary online donation. Call 225-359-9940 to donate over the phone.

Give Time

We have seen a significant decrease in volunteers since the beginning of Louisiana’s Stay at Home Order. Fortunately, we received assistance from the Louisiana National Guard during COVID-19. However, their assistance will come to an end soon. To read how we are ensuring the safety of our volunteers, please click here. Click here to sign up to volunteer.

Give Food

With the increased need for food assistance, we are seeking an increase in food donations. Donations can be made right from your pantry at home or an organized food drive can be created. You can drop off your donated food items at our office or we can plan for a driver to pick up larger donations. If you would like to host a food drive, click here to register online. For more information about giving food, please click here.

Thank you for helping us during the COVID-19 pandemic. The effects of this pandemic have impacted our community in several unexpected ways. No gift or effort is too small. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Food Bank at 225-359-9940 or email info@brfoodbank.org.