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Stories From the Flood: Donna

Thursday September 1, 2016

IMG_2784 Before the flood, Donna had participated in fundraisers and food drives for the Food Bank. At age 60, Donna never thought she’d find herself in a position of need. She said, “I’ve always been blessed to bless other people.”

When her daughter lost everything to the flood, she opened her doors to her and her 17-month-old grandchild, despite receiving water in her own home. With two extra mouths to feed, Donna found herself in need.

Her daughter has multiple sclerosis, but is still able to work and Donna works in construction. Neither Donna nor her daughter are able to qualify for Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (DSNAP), because their incomes are just over the income limit.

Thankfully, Donna heard about the Food Bank’s local neighborhood distributions and was able to get food to help her family. “It was a very nice and warmhearted experience for me,” she said. “I had nothing in my pantry.”

Because of the support the Food Bank has received, we were able to help Donna, and countless others like her who now find themselves in need of help. Donna expressed her gratitude to the Food Bank and those who make it possible, “I have always donated to the Food Bank and never thought I would need it’s assistance. You’ve been a blessing to me today. Thank you.”

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