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Restaurant Week Q & A with Rock-N-Sake

Monday July 14, 2014


We are kicking off Restaurant Week 2014 with a special interview from Rock-N-Sake owner and executive chef Dirk Dantin! Read through our Q & A session below to learn more about Rock-N-Sake and why they love Restaurant Week.

Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank: How long has Rock-N-Sake been participating in Restaurant Week? What motivated you to get involved?

Dirk Dantin: We have participated in Restaurant Week since it’s inception; this is our fourth participation in two years. It is a win-win. It helps boost business in slow times and it also benefits a great cause.

GBRFB: How did you decide what to include on the menu that is featured for Restaurant Week?

DD: We try to choose menu items on three different fronts. First, we choose some items that are new to our menu that we want diners to try for the first time. Second, we choose some tried and true Rock-N-Sake favorites that we know are sure to please. Lastly, we always put some cooked options on the menu for the folks who just aren’t into the raw scene.

GBRFB: Tell us what diners can expect when they choose to eat at Rock-N-Sake.

DD: Diners can expect a fun and energetic atmosphere where they can try some over-the-top sushi creations as well as delicious, pure and simple fresh fish. I think we offer diners some of the most creative sushi in the area with a great environment that is suitable for a big get-together with friends, a family dinner or a date night. We have that flexibility in our atmosphere and our staff’s friendly attitude. We want everyone to leave in a better mood than when they stepped through our doors!

GBRFB: Has Restaurant Week increased traffic at Rock-N-Sake? Tell us about the growth of Restaurant Week since it first started. 

DD: I definitely think so. Restaurant Week continues to build each time. I think people get excited because it gives them an opportunity to try new places without breaking the bank and experience  different menu items that they may not have ordered normally.

GBRFB: What kind of impact does Restaurant Week have on the Baton Rouge community? What about the restaurant industry specifically?

DD: It has been great to see the buzz about Restaurant Week grow over the past two years to become one of the great events for the local area community and restaurants. I think it gives a boost to the local economy as well as a great charitable donation to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. Restaurant Week is timed strategically to give the Baton Rouge area restaurants a lift in  what is typically a slow time for us. For Rock-N-Sake, it’s a great boost for the July and January months. I would have to believe that it does the same for all others involved.

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