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Pounds and Meals Distributed on a Weekly Basis

Friday May 27, 2022

Have you ever thought about how food banks receive food or how much food a food bank moves in a year, month, or week? A food bank acts as food storage and distribution hub for smaller frontline agencies such as food pantries, faith-based organizations, and more. Food banks like the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank collect, source, warehouse, transport, and distribute a variety of donated and purchased food items, produce, and other grocery products.

Food that has been donated and purchased is transported to our warehouse. Once it has arrived, it is inventoried. Then the food is sorted and packed by volunteers. Food Bank staff pull orders and prepare the food for delivery by truck to nearly 100 member agencies throughout our 11-parish service area.


Our partner agencies distribute food directly to clients they serve. Clients bring home food to make and prepare meals for themselves and their family members.

Already in 2022, the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank with the help of volunteers and partner agencies has moved nearly 4 million pounds of food to help feed children, seniors, families, and adults. That is more than 223,000 pounds of food—or nearly 186,000 meals that are distributed each week through our network of agencies.

The Food Bank is thankful for our community’s unprecedented amount of continued support that allows us to meet the needs of those experiencing food insecurity in our local area.

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