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Meet the Team: Impact Department

Monday June 24, 2024

This year we added a new department to our organization to enhance community well-being through various programs. The Impact Department focuses on nutrition, community partnerships, and reaching those who need our services the most. Impact aims to meet client needs and gain community feedback to ensure that our services are delivered in the most effective way possible.  Here’s an introduction to our staff members managing the Impact Department.

Jordyn Barlow – Vice President of Impact

Jordyn has been with us for six years, bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to her role. Initially hired as a Nutrition Services Manager, Jordyn quickly made her mark by establishing and growing our nutrition programs.

Jordyn has had several titles during her career at the Food Bank and today she serves as our Vice President of Impact.

As Vice President of Impact, Jordyn oversees all client-facing programs, including after-school and summer feeding programs, the Backpack Program, mobile distributions, “Food is Medicine,” and our partnerships with other agencies. Her holistic approach ensures that our services are not only effective but also client-focused and community-centered. Impact’s approach strives to listen to and meet the needs of our clients and the broader community.

KiEtha Gage – Senior Agency Relations and Programs Manager

KiEtha’s employment with our organization began in 2013. She started at the Food Bank as an Outreach Coordinator focused on SNAP outreach for three years. She then took on the role of Program Coordinator, managing the Backpack Program, Senior Grocery Program, and small mobile pantry programs.

Over the years, KiEtha has been instrumental in growing these programs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when demand increased. Her efforts have resulted in the expansion of the Backpack Program from 6 schools to 30 schools and the establishment of six mobile pantry locations. Now, as the Senior Agency Relations and Programs Manager, KiEtha continues to oversee these expanding programs.

Kyra Muse – Nutrition Services Manager

Kyra began working with the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank in August 2021, after graduating from college and in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. Starting as the Nutrition Services Coordinator, she was initially responsible for two programs: “Pick a Better Snack” and “Pick It! Try It! Like It!” serving around 10 to 12 sites.

 After two years, Kyra was promoted to Senior Nutrition Services Coordinator, where she oversaw program expansion and the addition of more programs, including three adult programs and a nutrition pantry program.

Today, Kyra serves as the Nutrition Services Manager, managing all nutrition-related programs and logistics for the “Food is Medicine” program.

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