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Agency Spotlight: Woods Learning Academy

Monday June 4, 2018

Through generous donations, the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank is able to serve a variety of agencies. While most of these agencies are pantries and kitchens, some of the other agencies we serve include churches, shelters, group homes, schools and me. One of our agencies, Woods Learning Academy, is a school and childcare program, that receives food from the Food Bank. 

Children attending the school and childcare program receive meals that are either provided for or supplemented by the Food Bank. Ms. Barbara, the school’s director, said, “Without the help from the Food Bank, I wouldn’t be able to do it.”

As a result of our service to Woods Learning Academy, the children are able to eat three times a day. In the mornings, the children get to choose between a hot or cold breakfast and at lunch they receive a full meal, followed by a small dessert. At the end of each day, the children are allowed to choose one item of the various snacks provided by the Food Bank. 

“Proper nutrition is so important in stimulating the mind and body, especially at an early age,” said Beverly Collier, a teacher at Woods Learning Academy. “Thanks for being there to help feed the children.” 

Cindy Lodrigue, a teacher and parent of a child who attends the school, said, “Thanks to you, my son, as well as my students, have truly enjoyed being able to taste new and interesting foods they have never eaten before.” She continued, “You have truly made their world a better place.”

People facing food insecurity struggle in many areas of life. Children do not do as well in school and are not as healthy as they should be, and senior citizens must decide between buying medicine or groceries every month. We know that without the support of our donors and volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to provide so many children, families and seniors with the food that they so desperately need. 

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